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Josh Zipin ’11

A sociology major at Davidson and member of the men’s soccer team, Josh Zipin currently works on content and business development at Curious.com, a Silicon Valley technology startup. After college Zipin worked in fundraising for Davidson College athletics and kept his entrepreneurial drive alive with side projects, including writing a business plan for ReKixx[...]

Brett Dioguardi ’07

When Brett Dioguardi attended Davidson the environmental studies major did not yet exist. He worked with his professors and was able to learn about the environment and sustainability in some of his biology major courses and on his study abroad program. A member of the football team, he studied abroad in Australia during the spring semester[...]

Alanna Ford ’11

During the past two years, Alanna Ford has graduated from business school at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and started her own business that helps clients from all around the world. As a consultant for Dunia Social Innovation, she supports and evaluates projects for social enterprises, charities, and governments. Ford has always been especially[..]

Rebecca Taylor ’06

Rebecca Taylor returned to Davidson after earning a master’s degree in educational administration and working for several years at Texas A&M and Rice university. She now serves as our assistant dean of students. A Spanish major with a concentration in education, while at Davidson Taylor learned how to think critically – a skill that has helped her develop[...]

Wayne McPherson ’13

While at Davidson, Wayne McPherson discovered many unexpected passions. He found that he felt most comfortable in his economics courses. Davidson’s core requirements also led him to explore theatre and Spanish, the former resulting in him acting in a play his senior year and the latter taking him abroad to Spain for a semester and a summer. Today he is[...]

Lila Allen ’09

Lila Allen always knew she wanted to pursue art and at Davidson she found what she was looking for—strong academics, a supportive art faculty, opportunities to study abroad, and an incredible network of alumni willing to offer career guidance and help. An art major with an emphasis in art history, Allen now works as the assistant creative manager in direct[...]

Gavin Taylor ’06

When Gavin Taylor realized that he wanted to be a computer science major—a major that didn’t exist at Davidson—he decided to major in math with a concentration in computer science. His professors made sure that he learned everything about computer science that he would need and want to know, providing him with the opportunity to present his research at a[...]

Stephen Kalin ’09

Stephen Kalin, a political science major, had just entered high school in New York City on September 11, 2001. The events of that day and those that followed lead him to want to learn Arabic and to go abroad to the Middle East, even though he found the idea a bit scary. With the support he received from Davidson faculty members, and their expertise and insight,[...]

Joel Fineman ’10

Once a chemistry and English double-major, Joel Fineman decided to focus solely on English after studying abroad at the Davidson Summer Program at Cambridge. He continued to foster his interest in chemistry by spending three years as a teaching assistant for organic chemistry. After Davidson he attended Georgetown University where he received his M.A. in English[...]

Dan Keller ’12

A psychology major, Dan Keller didn’t realize that he wanted to follow the pre-medicine track until after he began volunteering at the local free clinic to learn about the community. He felt so embraced by the town that he has stayed close by since graduating. After initially exploring his interests in the business side of NASCAR, he decided to remain[...]

Darcie Draudt ’07

The most valuable advice that Darcie Draudt received from her professors was to study abroad. She spent a summer in France, a semester in India, and two years studying in South Korea after graduation. Currently a research associate for the program on U.S.-Korea Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C. and assistant editor at Sino-NK journal, Draudt[...]

Lucy Marcil ’06

A public health major through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Lucy Marcil spent two years in Namibia working with the Peace Corps before heading to the University of Pennsylvania for medical school where she recognized the many benefits of her Davidson education. In her spare time, she volunteered at the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson[…]

Cary Wright ’09

One of Cary Wright’s favorite aspects of Davidson was Davidson Outdoors, which provided him with opportunities to explore North Carolina’s lakes, mountains, and coast. Back on campus he was an English major who served as chair of the honor council, senior class gift chair, Residence Life Office student staff, and founder of the Adopt-a-Grandparent program. [...]

Ree Lightsey ’12

After a year of bobsledding with the U.S. bobsled national team in Lake Placid and another year working as an EMT in Charleston, Ree Lightsey ’12 is ready for his next adventure—attending Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons this fall. Lightsey followed the pre-med track at Davidson and majored in biophysical chemistry through the[...]

Sarah Boyce ’07

Coming from a family of teachers and having had such close relationships with her English major and thesis advisers at Davidson, Sarah Boyce decided to work for Teach for America in Washington D.C. after graduation. She realized that her true interests lay in solving public policy issues, leading her to attend law school at Duke University. She currently holds a[...]

Damian White ’13

Although he hadn’t taken a sociology class before coming to Davidson, Damian White fell in love with the subject after taking the Sociology of Religion course during his second year. The abilities to write creatively, ask engaging questions, and conduct research appealed to him so immensely that he decided to pursue a Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Michigan,[...]

Melodie Mendez ’13

A Davidson Impact Fellow in Mérida, Mexico, Melodie Mendez has often found herself working and studying abroad. While at Davidson she took advantage of grants that allowed her to study various topics in Ecuador, Spain, and Guatemala. Her diverse interests also led her to major in environmental anthropology through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies[...]

Mark Angel ’13

Mark Angel, who majored in biology at Davidson, has found that his biology and English courses have helped shape the way he approaches projects in his job as a business analyst for Deloitte Consulting. His work in the Admission Office as a tour guide, summer fellow, and senior fellow provided him with critical communication and people skills that he relies[...]

Jesse Johnson ’12

When Jesse Johnson first came to Davidson, he had never left the United States. He traveled abroad three times during his four years at Davidson and he says his experiences, coupled with the support he received from professors in multiple disciplines, informed his studies as an English and Latin American Studies double-major. He studied immigration reform for his senior thesis[...]

Patrick Scandling ’06

As legislative assistant to Senator Barbara Boxer (CA), Patrick Scandling works primarily on education policy, children’s issues, and the arts and humanities. He appreciates that his work continues to link him with higher education and his Davidson experience. At Davidson, Scandling majored in art history with a minor in mathematics. He competed on the wrestling team[...]

Gwendolyn Heasley ’05

After graduating from Davidson, Gwendolyn Heasley started a greeting card company. She soon realized her passion for the creative rather than business side and decided to attend graduate school for journalism. She graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia in 2008, when the recession hit, and began writing a young adult novel as a cathartic experience[...]

Brandon Byrd ’09

A Ph.D. candidate in the History Department at UNC Chapel Hill, Brandon Byrd ’09 is currently finishing up a visiting scholar fellowship at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis. Next year, he will begin teaching history at Mississippi State University. Byrd knew coming into Davidson that he was passionate about history, and with the help of his major and thesis adviser[...]

Bryant Kirkland ’07

Bryant Kirkland is a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University and a teaching fellow in Yale’s Classics Department. Inspired by his Davidson professors, who put students first and whose enthusiasm for their subjects was contagious, he hopes to carry those same values into his own classroom and create for his students an experience like the one he had at Davidson.

Amoura Carter ’07

Amoura Carter planned her major through Davidson’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, and in doing so she was able to combine her interests in English and film and media studies. She graduated with a diverse skill set and has worked at a television news station, taught English in China, and now teaches language arts in a middle school. She also holds[...]

Madeline Parra ’09

Madeline Parra is the founder of Twizoo, a technology start-up company based in London. A member of the swim team and math major at Davidson, she learned to work and think independently—important skills for anyone considering entrepreneurship. The support she received—and continues to receive—from her professors gave her the confidence to pursue her own business.  

Allison Drutchas ’11

A second-year law student at Yale Law School, Allison Drutchas chose Davidson for its athletics as well as its academics. A philosophy major, she played Division I soccer all four years and received a Bryan Scholarship, which is awarded to outstanding scholar-athletes. At Davidson, she learned not to be afraid to ask the “tough questions,” and continues to apply that[...]

Taylor Ansley ’07

A political science major and Spanish minor at Davidson, Taylor Ansley was surprised to find himself now working in the tech industry. When looking back on his Davidson education and his thesis on online campaigning, he found that he gained the crucial abilities to learn quickly and conduct research. Outside of academics, Ansley served as a defense adviser for the[...]

Molly McGowan ’06

For Molly McGowan, the people at Davidson are what made her experience so special. A history major, while at Davidson she gained a new worldview. Her experience and interactions instilled in her a strong sense of community and responsibility to work to improve her community, wherever that may be. She received a masters degree from the University of Arkansas[...]

Boyce Whitesides ’11

Boyce Whitesides majored in religion at Davidson and now works for a management consulting firm in Atlanta, Ga. Though his religious studies may not have an obvious application in the business world, he entered the work force with very marketable skills as a result of his Davidson education – most notably the ability to think creatively and problem solve.

Claire Asbury ’10

Claire Asbury says Davidson is a place where you can grow into yourself. When she entered as a freshman, she was very shy, but “felt safe here,” and quickly developed her skill in writing and her confidence to pursue it. The recipient of a Lilly Foundation Ministry Fellowship, she discovered a love of working within a church environment—a path she[...]