Campus Impact

Volleyball TeamMen’s & Women’s Basketball & Volleyball

Davidson College’s men’s basketball and women’s basketball and volleyball programs currently function with a single game and practice floor. Limited space results in staggered practices for our programs, particularly as the competition seasons overlap. Consequently, our athletes miss dinner, study groups, and opportunities to participate in traditional student activities. Additional court space will remedy these challenges.



Davidson’s new academic Dance Program continues to grow with two studio-based classes offered currently and a third proposed for spring. In addition to full academic dance classes, current dance space is used by Davidson’s five active dance organizations: Dance Ensemble, Gamut Student Dance Company, Davidson Dance Team, Shades of Brown step team, and the Swing and Salsa Club. The new Cheryle Williamson Center for Dance will support our heavily subscribed academic and extracurricular dance activities.


Flicka Ball players celebrationClub Sports and Intramurals

Intramural and club sports, in which more than 600 students participate each year, have also suffered as a result of limited indoor court space. Additional gym space would increase student participation by 60 percent.