About the Project

Dusk view of athletic facilityWe invite you to join in the excitement as we plan for a year of growth and progress for Davidson Athletics—construction of a new $15 million athletic center adjoining Baker Sports Complex.

Construction of the facility will begin pending completion of fundraising and approval of the college’s Board of Trustees. The Town of Davidson Design Review Board unanimously approved the new complex’s design and materials at its meeting on January 16, 2013.

Facility Features

  • Practice courts for men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball
  • Locker rooms, team rooms, and film rooms for men’s and women’s basketball
  • Administrative offices for men’s and women’s basketball
  • Cheryle Williamson Center for Dance with two studios, office space, and storage
  • New Athletic Club for hospitality and football team meeting space
  • Enhanced Nisbet Hall of Fame
  • New ticket office with internal and external ticket windows
  • New game day main entrance easily accessible from the parking lot
  • Expanded Basil Boyd Training Room

Davidson’s vibrant athletics community and unwavering commitment to support 21 Division I athletic programs presents immediate cause for an athletic center of this nature. Additionally, the college’s flourishing dance program and engaged club and intramural sports programs add to the list of regular consumers of currently overcrowded spaces. The athletic center will have a direct impact on the Davidson student experience with increased access to practice, training, and wellness facilities. This expansion, in turn, will alleviate scheduling burdens as it relates to space in the Baker Sports Complex, resulting in a more balanced approach to athletics and academics. The current facility welcomes more than 90,000 patrons annually.

Photo Gallery

Day shot
View at Dusk
View 2 at Dusk
Gym View
Gym Overlook
Small Dance Studio
Large Dance Studio
Locker Room
Lobby View Looking Up
Lobby View Looking Down
Conference Room
Concourse - View Towards Gym Overlook
Concourse - View Towards Belk Arena
Concourse - View Towards Athletic Center
Administration Area
Athletic Center Drawing - 1st Floor
Athletic Center Drawing - 2nd Floor
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