Student Q & A

Jasmine Calin

Jasmine Calin ’13

Women’s Basketball Player
Miami, Florida

What will the new facility bring to athletic programs at Davidson?
Freedom to have our own space! We share one court with three sports and it can be crowded at times. Having this new practice facility will make it so much easier to have practice when we need to have it so athletes aren’t missing dinner or having to practice on the upper courts. Specifically, women’s basketball players will have the freedom to have a place they can go to at any time of the day to get shots up or work on other aspects of their game without having to kick people off the floor or wait. Both the men’s and women’s basketball programs at Davidson work extremely hard to represent this school to the best of their abilities. Having this facility is important because it gives these teams more resources to improve their game and, in turn, bring even more honor and prestige to Davidson

How do you hope this facility impacts future students’ experiences?
I hope future students recognize what a privilege it is to have an extra practice facility. I hope future prospects will see this as a sign that Davidson is taking its athletics more seriously and is willing to invest in its student athletes. Future students will be so blessed to have a space to go and practice without having to worry about practicing until 9 pm because of scheduling conflicts. I think it will be nothing short of fabulous!

Dan Van Note

Daniel Van Note ’14

Gamut Dance Company Member
Topsham, Maine
Why do you think this space is critical to the future of dance at Davidson? 
This new space is critical for the future of dance at Davidson because it will allow more students to actively develop their ability, artistry, and appreciation in the field of dance. The expansion of studio space will make it so the growing dance program will be appropriately accommodated in addition to providing opportunities for our student performance organizations to create high quality work in a way that is more efficient, convenient, and conducive to creativity.

What do you hope this facility brings to the dancer experience on campus?
I hope this facility will inspire students to either continue their passion for dance or to experiment with dance in a similar way I did, coming from no previous formal experience. Davidson is unique in its ability to foster student growth in fields they would not otherwise consider, and my continued involvement in Dance Ensemble and Gamut Dance Company are a product of that character. I believe this new space will encourage students to embrace the experience of dance in a way that brings new understanding to the idea of a liberal arts education.

Tyler Kalinoski

Tyler Kalinoski ’15

Men’s Basketball
Overland Park, Kansas
What will this new facility mean for the future of Davidson basketball?
The new athletic center will mean a lot for the future of Davidson basketball. It will give players a great environment to become the best they can be and will also help give Davidson a new look which will help for recruiting the future players who will carry this legacy.

What do you hope the facility brings to the overall student-athlete experience?
I hope that the athletic center will be a place where student-athletes can use the facilities to work out and a place where they can study and get their work done. If the new center can have this type of setting, then I think the student-athletes will be able to thrive in their sport and in the classroom.

What do you value most about your experience as a Davidson student and athlete?
I value the opportunity to be a Division 1 athlete and get a very high level education at the same time. I also value the relationships that I am able to make here at Davidson.

Roshelle Clark

Roshelle Clarke ’13

Bronx, NY
Why do you think this space is critical to the future of dance at Davidson?
It is a surprise that Davidson College, as one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the country does not already have a well-developed dance facility. I know I fell in love with Davidson for many reasons, but unfortunately not for their progress in the arena of dance. I came here with the intention of helping to expand this art form on campus. Graduating in May, I am relieved to know that Davidson is making strides for dance. A space uniquely made for dancers to choreograph, practice, and to enjoy their art is necessary. Dance is an art form of the body. It is very physical and requires room to occur and mirrors to visualize those movements. A new space will give more students the opportunity to create and share their work. Without a proper dance facility, a future for dancers who want to continue dancing in their undergraduate career is limited.

What do you hope this facility brings to the dancer experience on campus?
Having one single dance room where every dance group on campus has to perform has been suffocating. Conflicts are common and the space is almost always booked. Modern dancers have to dance barefoot on a floor sometimes covered in the dirt from groups whose dance styles require sneakers and shoes. A facility with multiple rooms would be a dancers’ dream. More dance practices will be able to occur simultaneously and at reasonable hours. Having one dance room is similar to having only once classroom in Chambers per discipline or one art room in the Visual Art Center for artists who work with different mediums—conditions that are unimaginable.