$4M Vance Athletic Center Challenge

What is it?

Sam and Ann Ginn

Sam and Ann Ginn

The Vance Athletic Center Challenge is a $4 million commitment of Sam and Ann Ginn of Hillsborough, CA. Every gift made to the center beginning November 16, 2013 was matched dollar-for-dollar until the $4 million goal was met.

Davidson College announced the successful completion of the Vance Challenge on Friday, August 22, 2014.

About the New Athletic Center

Harry L. Vance, Davidson class of 1926

The Vance Athletic Center Challenge is named in honor of Ann’s father, the late Harry L. Vance, Davidson class of 1926.

Davidson’s vibrant athletics community and unwavering commitment to support 21 Division I athletic programs presents immediate cause for an athletic center of this nature. The practice facility inside the athletic center will provide two practice courts for men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball. Additionally, coaches’ offices, administrative space, locker rooms, team rooms and film rooms for men’s and women’s basketball will be located in the new athletic center

Additionally, the college’s flourishing dance program and engaged club and intramural sports programs add to the list of regular consumers of currently overcrowded spaces. The athletic center will have a direct impact on the Davidson student experience with increased access to practice and training facilities. This expansion, in turn, will alleviate scheduling burdens as it relates to space in the Baker Sports Complex, resulting in a more balanced approach to athletics and academics.

The cost of the new athletic center is $15 million. As soon as commitments are made for the cost of the building, construction will begin.