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  • Camilla Townsend

    Kelley Lecture in Historical Studies: Camilla Townsend

    Rutger’s University Professor of History Camilla Townsend presents this year’s Kelley Lecture in Historical Studies. Townsend has written three books and essays that seek to recover the distant voices of indigenous people. Her presentation concerns an Algonquin-speaking indigenous man captured by Spaniards in 1561. Although the …

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  • Kenneth Burke

    Kenneth Burke: “Biotechnological Progress – Rotten with Perfection?”

    Human beings are endowed with a perfectionist impulse: they desire completeness in their lives. The cultural and literary critic Kenneth Burke outlines how the impulse and desire can lead human beings to become “rotten with perfection.”

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  • Edward Glaeser

    2012 Cornelson Lecturer – Edward Glaeser

    Edward Glaeser, the Fred and Eleanor Glimp Professor of Economics at Harvard University, delivers the annual Cornelson Distinguished Lecture in Economics. Glaeser is director of the Taubman Center for State and Local Government and the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston. Glaeser studies the economics of …

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  • Jeanne Middleton-Hairston

    Jeanne Middleton-Hairston: “Never as Hot as it was in the Summer Of ’64”

    Using her experiences with the modern Freedom Schools movement, Jeanne Middleton-Hairston discusses the importance of encouraging debate and committing to social action to create positive change in the community—especially when that change challenges the status quo.

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  • Joan Lipkin

    Joan Lipkin Discusses “Whose Marriage, What Marriage?: Here Come the Brides (and Grooms)”

    Joan Lipkin is an award-winning playwright , activist, and founding artistic director of That Uppity Theater Company in St. Louis, Missouri, who specializes in creating original work with underrepresented populations including people with disabilities, women with cancer, LGBT youth and adults, seniors, adolescent girls, college …

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  • Columbia University Professor of Chemistry Ronald Breslow

    Smith Lecture: “Discovery of a New Class of FDA-Approved Anti-cancer Drugs”

    Columbia University Professor of Chemistry Ronald Breslow presents a talk titled “Discovery of a New Class of FDA-Approved Anti-cancer Drugs.” The Smith Lecture is presented as part of the Davidson College Chemistry Colloquium offered each semester. The series brings to campus a wide array of national and …

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  • Allen Verhey

    Allen Verhey: “Could Jesus Get Tenure?”

    Allen Verhey is professor of Christian Ethics at Duke Divinity School, president elect of the Society of Christian Ethics, and the author of numerous books, including Remembering Jesus: Christian Community, Scripture and the Moral Life. Here he lectures on Jesus as a teacher.

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  • Rebecca Davis

    Rebecca Davis: “Transforming Congregational Education: Engaging Reformed Faith through Liberal Learning”

    Rebecca Davis is an experienced church educator and professor of religion at Presbyterian College. In this podcast she discusses Presbyterian education.

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  • Edward Hirsch

    Conarroe Lecture – Edward Hirsch: “Reading Poetry, Poetry Reading”

    Award-winning poet Edward Hirsch, a MacArthur Fellow and president of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, presents the college’s annual Conarroe Lecture. His presentation, “Reading Poetry, Poetry Reading,” focuses on ideas discussed in his bestseller How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with …

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  • Richard Boyce

    Richard Boyce: “Knowing What We Know and Don’t Know”

    Richard Boyce is Associate Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Leadership at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte, and the author of the Leviticus and Numbers volume of the Westminster Bible Companion. He preaches on Psalm 19.

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