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A “Refreshed” Homepage Design

We are pleased to show off the new Davidson homepage, which will launch sometime in late January or early February 2012. The “refreshed” homepage will serve as an interim homepage until the site-wide redesign project is completed in the next 12-18 months.

As noted in a previous blog post, we had specific objectives in mind for the design and functionality of the homepage. With that, we were limited in scope to working with the same information architecture and color palette so as to avoid introducing any new usability issues for visitors navigating from the top page to interior pages.

New Homepage Features

  • New drop navigation at the top of the page allowing visitors to more quickly get to content on top-level pages
  • Large background image that provides a sense of place of the Davidson campus
  • Featured-content area at the top of the page that will allow us to present multimedia elements, including videos and photo galleries
  • Callout area that will allow us to present important announcements
  • Tabbed area that presents news, events, blogs, podcasts and social media feeds
  • Super footer that lists many commonly accessed links
Davidson Homepage

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