Tablet and Mobile Homepage Designs

Tablet ViewAs noted in previous posts, the new Web site will feature a responsive design where visitors who access the site on a tablet or mobile phone are served a slightly different design optimized for the screen size of each device.

For example, when viewed horizontally on an iPad, visitors might see the desktop homepage view but when the iPad is flipped to a vertical view the site would automatically adjust to accommodate the smaller screen size.

On an iPhone or Android phone, visitors would see a narrower view of the site with content optimized for display on a mobile phone. Navigation would be presented in drop-down menus and as buttons rather than long text-based lists.

The same site content will be seen across all devices — desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

We recently approved homepage designs for tablet and mobile views. Included below is a gallery of the designs. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger view of each design.


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