Lower Level Page Desktop Designs

Lower Level Department Homepage (View 2 - 3 column)We are currently working on designs for lower level pages below the homepage. This work is still ongoing at this point, but we are far enough along in the process to show you the direction we are heading.

Pages Designed for Flexibility

Based on what we heard during project discovery we are designing pages to be very flexible. We will have the ability to choose a two or three column layout and a variety of masthead options. The main part of the page will allow for the display of news, events, and social media feeds. The right column will allow for several different callout options, including profiles, general highlights, among others. Outlined below is a brief overview of each area of a page.


The masthead is the area of the page located just below the primary navigation (site-wide links area with red background). Several mastheads will be available that will allow us to tell stories, highlight people and programs, and provide a better sense of place by featuring campus photography. The options available in this area are included below.

  • Scrolling masthead showing multiple stories with images or videos (stories expand to the left and right to fill the entire browser window)
  • Single masthead image with text story area and image or video
  • Scrolling photos with captions (photos expand to the left and right to fill the entire browser window)
  • Single photo with caption
  • Single photo with caption that can expand to fill the browser window from left to right
  • Option to feature no masthead

Three-Column Layout

  • Left column will feature section navigation, department contact information, and a page share button allowing pages to be e-mailed or shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites
  • Main content area will display department content as well as news, events, and social media feeds in an accordion-tab style
  • Right column will feature a variety of callout options, including profiles (in gold), general callouts (in brown), event announcement/registration (in red), or related links (in white)

Two-Column Layout

  • Wider page for displaying longer content
  • Accordion-style tabs at bottom of page for displaying content like frequently asked questions
  • Callout area at the bottom of page

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